The First 90 Days

The first 90 days on imbue are so important.

The first 90 days are super crucial with imbue.

This will determine the success that you have with imbue & we want it to be as successful as possible so you can make a killing no matter where you are in the world. You could live stream workouts on the beaches on the Maldives, in the French Alps, in the Middle of the Amazon (if you have cell service 😂) but you get the picture. We want you to be able to live the life you want to live on your terms. It is going to take a bit of work on each of our parts though.

We'll promote you through our social channels, have you on our podcast, promote you within our application & share with our network, but we'll need you to do some of the legwork. We've put together a checklist for the logistics around creating your first class & a roadmap for success on your first 90 days.

First Class

  • Account is all set up, class created & membership pricing set

  • Post on your story or wherever people see you on social media about the Class 7 days out, 3 days out & the day of the class.

  • Share links with your friends

  • Make sure you have a tripod or a stable place to set up your phone for the workout.

  • Make sure the space is clear for you to workout in & that you have all the proper equipment.

  • Have an amazing time!!

First 90 Days

  • Have for at least one class a week - this generates predictable income for you & provides a reliable experience for your subscribers

  • Have joint classes with your friends & share profits from the Class

  • Have challenges with your followers, have them screenshot themselves taking your classes & posting on their social media accounts

  • Have rewards for people who take classes X classes (ex. facetime your most loyal followers or send them personal swag)

  • Start Custom broadcasting with your own camera set up & broadcasting software through your audience in the application.

  • 1 class a week = 4 classes a month = 12 classes in your first 90 days