Account Creation

First things first, creating your account & setting you up for success. This should take about 3 min.

Enter all fields on login.

We'll then review your account to make sure you're a good fit for the platform!

We'll typically get back to you within 12 hours if we think that you're a good fit. If you're accepted, you'll have to finish setting up your account! See the steps below.

Click on "Edit Profile" to continue.

After you create your account, you'll land on a page like this. Click on Edit Profile & fill out all the blank fields. We'll need all of them so that we can send you the money you earn through Imbue & that you're actually you! It's also needed before any of your users can book a class from you. You can also change your profile photo to show some pzaz (:

  • Birthday

  • Address

  • Phone #

  • Last 4 of social security

  • edit profile photo

Now, Click on "Revenue 💰" to add your bank account.

We've integrated with Plaid to make it as easy as possible for you to connect to your bank! If it says it has connected successfully sometimes it takes a few minutes for it to show in the app.

integrate with Plaid

Or, you can manually integrate your bank account with your routing & account numbers.

Integrate by manually entering your routing numbers

Yes!! You're officially all set up with your imbue account!

You're now good to create your first class